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Mining UPlexa with Nvidia GPU in Windows

This is possible and it is really simple. Here is a short guide how to do it.

1. Preparation

Make sure you have Nvidia GPU, it's fans are clean from dust and you have installed some of the recent drivers from Nvidia's website. Then download the latest Nvidia UPX miner from it's official repository: https://github.com/Bendr0id/xmrig-nvidia/releases

2. Miner setup

  • Extract the contents of the downloaded archive into folder of your choice.
  • Open the config.json file using Notepad.
  • Fill in your UPX address (inside the brakets), where your coins should be sent after mining them.
  • Enter the UPX pool's address(URL field) of your choice and optionally: adjust the donation fee to author (default is 5%, minimum is 1%).

Here is an example of how the config file looks like:


   "algo": "cryptonight-extremelite",
   "api": {
       "port": 0,
       "access-token": null,
       "id": null,
       "worker-id": null,
       "ipv6": false,
       "restricted": true
   "background": false,
   "colors": true,
   "donate-level": 5,
   "log-file": null,
   "pools": [
           "url": "donate2.graef.in:8188",
           "user": "YOUR_WALLET",
           "pass": "x",
           "rig-id": null,
           "nicehash": false,
           "keepalive": true,
           "variant": "upx2",
           "enabled": true,
           "tls": false,
           "tls-fingerprint": null
   "print-time": 60,
   "retries": 5,
   "retry-pause": 5,
   "user-agent": null,
   "syslog": false,
   "watch": true


  • Last step is to run Start.cmd file and UPlexa mining starts.

3. Overclocking

To pull the max off your Nvidia GPU, please make sure to check online how to overclock your GPU. UPX2 algorithm requires very little power. UPX2 requires mainly GPU core overclock. You may skip overclocking it's memory. If you downvolt it or reduce the TDP you can lower it's power usage and temperatures even further. Any Nvidia GPU can overclock safely it's core to +100MHz. Good ones can go safely to +150MHz.

Happy UPlexa mining!