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In this guide, I will explain how to compile & setup XMRig-UPX for Raspberry Pi

Optional video:

1) Update your raspberry pi to the latest version:

   sudo apt-get update

2) Install essentials:

   sudo apt-get install git build-essential cmake libuv1-dev libmicrohttpd-dev nano wget clang libclang-dev curl htop libssl-dev

3) Clone the XMRig-UPX repository:

   git clone https://github.com/uPlexa/xmrig-upx.git

4) Update again:

   sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y

5) Now it's time to compile:

  cd xmrig-upx
  mkdir build
  cd build
  cmake ..

6) Create a new file called "config.json" you may use which ever editor you wish. We will use "nano" for simplicity sake:

  nano config.json

7) Copy the following code, and paste it in your console via right clicking:

     "algo": "cryptonight-upx/2",
     "api": {
         "port": 0,
         "access-token": null,
         "id": null,
         "worker-id": null,
         "ipv6": false,
         "restricted": true
     "asm": true,
     "autosave": true,
     "background": false,
     "colors": true,
     "cpu-affinity": false,
     "cpu-priority": null,
     "donate-level": 1,
     "huge-pages": true,
     "hw-aes": null,
     "log-file": null,
     "max-cpu-usage": 75,
     "av": 2,
     "pools": [
             "url": "upx.poolbux.com:3333",
             "user": "YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE",
             "pass": "rp3",
             "rig-id": null,
             "nicehash": false,
             "keepalive": false,
             "variant": 1,
             "tls": false,
             "tls-fingerprint": null
         "print-time": 60,
     "retries": 5,
     "retry-pause": 5,
     "safe": false,
     "threads": [
             "low_power_mode": 1,
             "affine_to_cpu": 0
             "low_power_mode": 1,
             "affine_to_cpu": 2
             "low_power_mode": 1,
             "affine_to_cpu": 4
     "user-agent": null,
     "watch": false

8) Ensure to place your uPlexa public wallet address where it says YOUR_WALLET_HERE

9) (Optional) Change your pool under "url" (currently set to poolbux https://poolbux.com) List of pools can be found here: https://miningpoolstats.stream/uplexa

To exit nano, type CTRL+X. You will be prompted to save, type "Y"

10) Let's start the miner!


11) Check your stats by typing your address in at the bottom of https://uplexa.poolbux.com/#/dashboard

Congratulations! You're now mining uPlexa on your Raspberry Pi!