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Merchants accepting uPlexa

This list will be periodically updated by the core team. However, you are more than welcome to edit this on your own. All submissions will be moderated.

1) https://merch.uplexa.com - uPlexa Merch (IOT Series, Clothing, and Stickers)

2) https://uplexadice.com - Gambling

3) https://davehosts.com/ - Hosting

4) https://toko.baliwae.com/index.php?currency=UPX - Computer hardware

5) https://www.geniusgenetic.com/ - Seeds

6) http://www.cryptax.co/ - Trading signals

7) https://machineandemotion.io/ - Social/Product Marketing

8) https://pupcuddles.com - Customized pillows with your dogs face on them!

9) https://physicalcryptocoins.com/ - Physical Crypto Coins for a variety of different cryptocurrencies, including uPlexa!

10) https://naplen.com/ - Automated Systems, Analytics, and Marketing

11) https://www.thingsofsmokeandwood.com.au/ - Australian rubs sauces & smoking woods (Currently only ships to AU)