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UPLEXA is now a Privacy option for BSC and ETH Ecosystems [DeFi]

uPlexa brings privacy to both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains with uPlexaBridge. This enables users the ability to create untraceable gaps in DeFi transaction activity.

Official Medium Article: https://uplexa.medium.com/uplexa-is-now-a-privacy-option-for-bsc-and-eth-ecosystems-defi-370a76796179

TL;DR — uPlexa is a stand alone, cryptonote based privacy coin that has created a bridge into ETH and BSC ecosystems. This will allow for a quick solution to the problem of chain analysis and wallet tracking on those transparent blackchains. A process called “gapping” will put dead stops in the ability to follow the users balance and any further activity. This is done simply by moving into uPlexa and back into a fresh ETH or BSC wallet.

uPlexa Bridge

  • uPlexa Bridge: https://bridge.uplexa.com
  • Swap Assets: UPX to bUPX (Binance Smart Chain) / wUPX (Ethereum Chain)
  • Yield Farming: bUPX-BNB and wUPX-ETH
  • Token Wallet: Metamask Wallet (metamask.io)

bUPX Token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

wUPX Token on Ethereum Chain

To be announced

Metamask Wallet Setup

Download: https://metamask.io/download Support: https://support.metamask.io

Once you have added the Metamask extension wallet to your browser, it should look like this:

Please note that Metamask wallet default network is Ethereum Mainnet.
In order for you to use Metamask wallet with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, you have to add custom RPC for BSC.

Click on the network dropdown menu and select Custom RPC
Add the following field with this info:

Refer Binance official article here: https://academy.binance.cc/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain

Add bUPX Token to Metamask Wallet

Click Add Token and select Custom Token tab.

Fill the Token Contract Address field with bUPX Contract Address: 0xc3D91FfDF44eafc32a9e4489A4EfE188489fC183

Add Cake-V2 LP Token to Metamask Wallet

You'll only need to add this Token if you intend to provide Liquidity to the pool and Staking in the bUPX-BNB Yield Farm.

Fill the Token Contract Address field with Cake-V2 LP Contract Address: 0x3058e709a73e5c0bec079b9f19327ad50c44c646

uPlexa Bridge: SWAP

uPlexa Wrap Assets (bUPX & wUPX) true function is to increase the privacy of personal transaction activity and when used correctly, one can put an untraceable gap in a DeFi trade history.


Put in your Metamask wallet address in BSC Address field and click next.

You will receive a unique address for your to send UPX coins from your wallet.
On the left, you will see your transactions status and history.


Put in your UPX address in uPlexa Address field and click next.

You will need to connect uPlexa Bridge with your Metamask wallet.

Once uPlexa Bridge is connected to your Metamask wallet, you can put desired bUPX to be swap in Swap Amount:

Pancakeswap (Liquidity Pool)

BSC Liquidity Pool: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/add/BNB/0xc3D91FfDF44eafc32a9e4489A4EfE188489fC183

In Pancakeswap, you need to connect to your Metamask wallet first. Once connected, your BNB & bUPX balance in your wallet will be shown in the Liquidity section.

Put in either field (BNB/bUPX) with your desired amount and the other field will automatically match the amount based on the current price.
It'll not allow you to proceed if one of the pair is insufficient balance. Please adjust accordingly to proceed further.

You will be shown with the estimated amount of BNB/bUPX Pool Token (LP Token) that you'll receive and summary of your deposited BNB & bUPX.
Your percentage share of the pool will represent your position based on your supply LP Token. You can further stake your LP Token in Yield Farm to gain extra dividens via upxReaper Contract.


If you run into any trouble, or your swap request has not gone through, please contact core contributors on telegram or discord.