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This page is for troubleshooting uPlexa based wallets.

Web Wallet

  • Why does my web wallet show a balance of 0 UPX?

If your web wallet is showing a balance of 0 UPX, it may be because you generated your wallet with our classic webwallet. There was a bug with this wallet, resulting in some users keys to not properly work on other wallets.

To fix this issue: 1) Login to https://classic-wallet.uplexa.com 2) Login to https://wallet.uplexa.com 3) Copy your wallet address from https://wallet.uplexa.com 4) Send your funds from https://classic-wallet.uplexa.com to your new public address

GUI Wallets

  • Why won't my wallet sync?

To resolve this problem: 1) Check to make sure your firewall allows uplexad.exe 2) If the above does not work, try running "low-graphics-mode" file within the uPlexa directory 3) If all else fails, please use a remote node. Settings->Node->Remote node. You may use remote.uplexa.com on port 21061

Android Wallet

  • Why does my android wallet seem to crash when trying to create a wallet?

Currently, this is due to ARMv7 devices and older. We only support ARMv8+ devices at the current moment.