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What is uplexa?

uPlexa aims to incentivize the mass computing power from Internet of Things devices to allow for anonymous blockchain payments. The platform relies on the IoT to deliver anonymity as well as e-commerce functionality via p2p IoT-based payments. uPlexa also offers privacy in the area of decentralized VPNs, decentralized private applications, and is working on a post-quantum (quantum-resistant) algorithm to implement by 2021.

What is the max supply of uPlexa?


• What is the transaction time of uPlexa?

Currently, the blocktime is ~2 minutes, and it requires 10 blocks to verify a transaction. Thus, the average transaction time is ~20 minutes.

Is there a way to proof your transaction?

Yes. Detailes response incoming.

How can I implement uPlexa as a payment option?

Please see eCommerce Merchants & Integrations

Does uPlexa have a richlist?

No. uPlexa is a privacy based project, thus you are unable to view the amounts in other wallets.

How is uPlexa funded?

It is not, other than a premine.

Where can I buy uPlexa?

STEX, Graviex


Which wallet should I use for storing my uPlexa?

Please see Wallets

How can I make sure I keep access to my wallet?

Ensure to write down and store your 25 word mnemonic keyphrase in a safe location. It is recommended to write it on two separate pieces of paper and store them both in very safe places.

My wallet isn't syncing?

Ensure you're using the most up-to-date wallet(s). If that does not work, try using a remote node (remote.uplexa.com:21061)

Why does my web wallet show a balance of 0 UPX?

It may be because you generated your wallet with our classic webwallet. There was a bug with this wallet, resulting in some users keys to not properly work on other wallets.
To fix this issue:
1) Login to https://classic-wallet.uplexa.com
2) Login to https://wallet.uplexa.com
3) Copy your wallet address from https://wallet.uplexa.com
4) Send your funds from https://classic-wallet.uplexa.com to your new public address

Utility Nodes:

How much will a UN cost?

The initial staking requirement for a uPlexa node will be 2,000,000 UPX and will slowly decrease over time in accordance to our emission curve.

How long are the coins locked?

Staked coins are locked for 30 days.

Is there a maximum of Utility Nodes?

The formula for finding the maximum amount of Utility nodes at any given time would be to take the current circulating supply and dividing it by 2,000,000. At the time of writing, the circulating supply is 1,816,743,551 UPX, thus the maximum amount of nodes would be 908. Please keep in mind, that the premine will not be allocated towards Utility nodes. The team still controls ~580,000,000 UPX coins at this time, meaning the actual amount of Utility Nodes that could run on the network at this time are 618.

What programming language will be used to write the UNApps?


Free dVPN:

Why a free VPN?

The costs of data will be minimal due to the high amount of availability created by Utility Nodes, whom also receive a high amount of dividends for their participation on the uPlexa network.

Will the dVPN use the IP address from the UN?

Yes, Utility Nodes will act as exit relays on PlexaNet.

Will the dVPN use the data of the UN?

Yes, all data from the client will be passed through the Utility Nodes as the dVPN will be an overlay to all connectivity.