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Getting Started

Step 1) Download uPlexa ElectraLight Wallet from uPlexa official GitHub - https://github.com/uPlexa/electralight-wallet/releases. The current revision of ElectraLight Wallet is v0.1.0 Beta at the time this article is written.
Note: Read Press Release here: https://medium.com/@uplexa/release-electralight-wallet-a87eed816742

Step 2) Run Wallet.ElectraLight.Windows.Installer.0.1.0.exe to install uPlexa ElectraLight wallet.

Step 3) Once the installation has finish, it'll automatically run ElectraLight wallet initial setup. The program shortcut also created on your desktop.

Step 4) You will be greeted with ElectraLight wallet Welcome Page. Click Next to continue.

Step 5) On the configuration page, you need to setup wallet node. You have three options to choose from:

  • Option Remote Daemon Only: ElectraLight wallet will sync to blockchain located on remote node. The blockchain data will not be downloaded to your local computer.
  • Option Local + Remote Daemon: Mixed sync logic - Use the best from both ways of sync: remote (speed) and local (reliability). At wallet startup, you connect to remote node granting quicker operation state. At the same time, you download blockchain files on your hard drive. It will add more reliability to wallet operation. If remote connection fails, you will have local node running. You can also choose to run as normal full node or lite option.
  • Option Local Daemon Only: ElectraLight wallet will download all the blockchain data to your local computer and sync wallet data from local node. Required more storage space.

You can also set the Data Storage Path where your wallet file & blockchain data will be downloaded to. Default location is "C:\ProgramData\uplexa"

Step 6) Please review the configuration for your wallet and click "Next" to create your wallet.

Creating a Wallet

Step 1) Once you confirm ElectraLight wallet setting, you can create, restore, or import wallet from existing file. Choose Create new wallet.

Step 2) On the Create new wallet page, give a name to your new wallet, select your preferred language and create password for your wallet. Click CREATE WALLET button to continue.

Step 3) VOILA! Your new wallet is created. Please take note of the Seed words. You can review this details later inside your wallet.
IMPORTANT! You are responsible for safekeeping of the Seed. You only can recover your wallet using this Seed and others may too. Keep it a SECRET!

Step 4) Inside look of your new ElectraLight wallet!