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Team & Contributor Anonymity

Anonymity is a major roll for the uPlexa consensus.

uPlexa is an anonymous coin created for the community, by the community. At this time, until we find more contributors/team members, the core team has chosen to remain anonymous. This is done in-order to mitigate a single point of failure (by lessening what may be targeted to put this project to a stand still). As we have seen, suspicious agencies with unknown intent are targeting and suppressing privacy based cryptocurrencies. As this project has not done an ICO nor any type of funding, we see no need for any official figureheads or complete disclosure of team information. The project will have to speak for itself.

With regards to opsec, or anything in life: you either do it, or you do not. No half measures. To offer an anonymous cryptocurrency and list your name on the website, is a sure-fire way to obtain a target on your back (which we are already seeing with other privacy based cryptocurrencies).

We anticipate that most of our future developers & contributors will also practice opsec. We have no intent to force anybody to disclose of their personal identities.

Our current teams consist of:

Core Team:

  • QuantumLeaper (Lead Developer, marketing, personal investor)
  • blk (Developer)
  • meandertal (Research, PR, personal investor)
  • CryptoMiningKB (Lead Support Specialist)


  • Cryptonym
  • Foxi3_-